Volume 2 Issue 2 , 2012


The Effect of the Use of, and Attitude towards, the Internet to Create Perceived Confidence and Satisfaction among Student Teachers Enrolled as Distance Learners
(Omar Majid, Hanafi Atan, Zuraidah A. Rahman, Ahmad H Mohamad, *Tan Wee Chuen,+Wong Su Luan)
Analyzing the Ability of Correlating the Knowledge with Daily Life of Prospective Teachers who will Educate the New Generation
(Selahattin Gonen and M. Faysal Akin Dicle University, Z.G. Education Faculty, Department of Physics Education)
Teacher Involvement in Decision Making: A Case for School Administration and Management in Zimbabwe
(Wellington Samkange Ameva Primary School, P.O. Box 173, Chegutu, Zimbabwe)
Information Searching Activities Using the ICT among the Secondary School Students
(Jeffri bin Idris and Hj. Laili bin Hj. Hashim)
English Pronunciation Problems for Pahari Learners: An Acoustic Study
(Abdul Qadir Khan and Tayyeba Khanum Qadir)
Child-Rearing Attitudes of Roma and Non-Roma Mothers and Analysis of Receptive Language Levels of Their Children
(Canan Yıldız Çiçekler1,Maide Orçan and Neriman Aral)
Thinking About Iraq: Revisiting Durkheimian Anomie on Religious Violence, Sectarianism and Geo-politics
(Ogunrotifa A. Bayo)
Facilitation in Open and Distance Learning: A Catalyst for Qualitative Learning
(Odeyemi, Olajumoke Janet)
Doctrine of Necessity-Application in Pakistan- Cases of Immense Importance- A Critical Review
Muhammad Nasrullah Virk)
Language in O’Neill’s Plays
(Asim Karim)
Effectiveness of Computer-Supported Cooperative Learning Strategies in Learning Physics
(Mudasiru Olalere Yusuf, Isiaka Amosa Gambari and Charles Olubode Olumorin)
Developing Curriculum of Computer Education for Prospective Teachers
(Mubashrah Jamil, Riaz ul Haq Tariq and Jamil Hussain Shah)
Climate Change and Sustainable Growth and Development in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria
(Kofo Aderogba)
Socio-cultural Factors and Teaching a Foreign Language
(Nader Assadi Aidinlou and Davoud Ansari Kejal)
A Phonetic-Acoustic Study of Sindhi-Accented English for Better English Pronunciation
(Abdul Malik Abbasi)
Incorporating Islamic Messages in the English Teaching in the Indonesian Context
(Zuliati Rohmah)
Educators’ Gender and Ideological Beliefs Versus Alternative Traditions of Teaching Social Studies in Secondary Schools in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
(Udoukpong, Bassey E. and Okon, Cecilia P.)
Literacy Needs of Non-Literate Women in Benue State of Nigeria
(Chinwe A. Muodumogu)
Literature and Morality
(Asim Karim, Irshad Ahmaed Tabasum, Saman Khalid)
University Metaphors: A Study of Academicians’ Perspectives
(Araş.Gör. Mehmet Fırat)
Teachers’ Application Levels of Common Teaching Principles and the Problems They Encounter
(Etem Yeşilyurt)
The Roles of Geographic Information System on the Distributional Pattern of Health Care Facilities in Ilorin, Kwara State of Nigeria
(Jimoh, H.I. and Azubike, J.O.)
Network and Content Analysis in a Blog Training Course
(Maria Maheridou, Panagiotis Antoniou, Efstratia Tsitskari, Thomas Kourtessis)
Comparative Effectiveness of Three Instructional Approaches in Enhancing Student’s Attitude and Performance in Creative Arts
(Soremi Olanrewaju Oladapo and Sofowora Olaniyi Alaba)
Exploring Effects of Parent Involvement on Student’s Achievement
(Umit Tokac and Ercan Kocayörük)
A Study of Computer Anxiety of Higher Secondary Students in Punjab
(Shamsa Aziz and Hamid Hassan)