Volume 4 Special Issue, 2014

1. E-commerce in a digital economy, the challenges and advantages
Alireza Alipour Marzangou, Morteza Ghorbani, Sogand Ranbar Vandi, Sina Khodami Saeed Saadati, Meghdad Aminian 

2. Investigation on the Collaborative and Consensus-Centered Approach in Urban Management (Case Study: Piranshahr City)

Latif Partovi, Mohammad Allahverdian and Ebrahim Sharifzadeh Aghdam  


3. The impact of corruption on private domestic sector investment Case Study: selected developing countries

Karim Shahnazi and Saeid Asadi Gharagoz  


4. To study of social factors affecting on young lifestyle (Case study in Talesh town)

Amin Nazari Lomer, Bahram Asadpour and Sajjad Marjani  


5. The effectiveness of cognitive – behavioral training on depression and psychological wellbeing of the divorced women

Shahram Mami, Farideh Narengi and Farkhondeh Malk Zadeh 


6. Investigating the relationship of the Relationship Pattern of the family and social support with the self -efficiency of the students in Ilam

Shahram Mami and Nosrat Yari 


7. Investigating the effect of Internet Addiction on Social Skills and in High School Students' Achievement

Shahram Mami and Azadeh Hatami-Zad 


8. The financial leverage role in cash flow of accepted firms in Tehran stock exchange

Nazar Dahmarde Ghaleno and Yaser Sistani e Badooei  


9. Does Minimum Wage Cause Inflation in Iran

Ozra Mohammadi 


10. Analyzing the Technological Capability of National Iranian South Oil Company and Determining the Existing Technological Gap to Offer Improvement Solutions (Case Study: Oil and Gas Projects)

Abdolaziz Saedi Nia 


11. Explanation The role of Human Resource Excellence on Staff Organizational Commitment: An Emphasis on Enabler Processes

Kobra Khabare, Sayed-Mohammad Mirkamali, Javad pourkarimi, Ebrahim Mazari 


12. The Study of Mothers and Daughters’ Intergenerational Cultural Consumption in Yazd

Akbar ZareShahabadi and Maryam Taher 


13. Investigating the relationship of attachments styles and feeling of loneliness with general health in Payam – e Nour University students of Ilam by Shahram Mami and Narges Ghanbaran 

14 Investigating the relationship of social-effective adjustment and self-efficiency beliefs with text anxiety in high school Students

Shahram Mami and Maliheh Torabideh 


15. The relationship between happiness and attachment with God and the perceived stress in the students of Payam-e Nour University, Sarableh

Shahram Mami and Zolikhah Mahigir 


16 An integrated approach for succession planning and knowledge management

Farnaz Barzinpour Mostafa Jafari Seyed Hamid Mousavi Biuki 


17. Comparison of Students’ Social Behaviors under the Supervision of School Principals Graduates Educational Administration or related fields and Other Students

Mah legha Karimi Koma