Volume 4 issue 4

1. Interdisciplinary Place and Importance of  Printmaking Education in Turkish Universities  that Give Art Education
H. Müjde Ayan  

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2.Application of the Theory of Social Forces:  A Case Study of Kawarij during the Reign of Hazrat Ali (AS) 

Hamidreza Mohamadi Najafabadi & Amirreza Jafari Harandi  

3.  Information Communication Technology and Public School Administration in Osun State, Nigeria

Karim Shahnazi and Saeid Asadi Gharagoz  

4.United States of America's foreign policy about Syria (from the crisis of AD 2011 so far) 

Seyed Mahdi Mousavinia  

5.  A Path Analysis of Metacognitive Strategies in Reading, Self-Efficacy and Task Value

Hasan Kagan Keskin 

6.  The State, Education and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: Some Critical PolicyOptions

Okeke, Remi Chukwudi 

7.  Views of Students in the School of Physical Education and Sports on Leisure Constraints

Meral Küçük Yetgin  

8. Which is the Most Appropriate Strategy for Very Young Language Learners?

 Sühendan Er   

9. Teaching English is Art and English Teacher is Artist

Ali Akbar Khansir  

10. Public Perception and Use of Health Facilities in Nigeria: The Case of Beggars in Sabon Gari Local Government, Zaria, Kaduna State

Abiodun J. Oluwabamide  

11. From Principle to Practice: Assessment for Learning in Malaysian School-Based Assessment Classroom

Rohaya Talib, Mohd Zaki Kamsah, Hamimah Abu Naim, Adibah Abdul Latif

12. Teaching Psychology through Popular Film: A Curriculum

H. Russell Searight and Danielle Saunders 

13. Increasing Social Studies Teacher Candidates' Awareness and Sensitivity towards Environmental Problems with applied field trip Method 

Öcal Tülay  

14. Evaluation of Legal Foundations in Redistribution of Takaful fund Surplus 

Abbas Jalili, Hojjatullah Abdolmaleki  


15. Prevalence and Pattern of Male Adolescents Substance Abuse in Ibadan Metropolis

 degoke,  Olasupo & Ayeni   

16 . The Fluctuating Role of Male Homosocial Desire in Coetzee’s Disgrace

  Hamid Farahmandian, Aijaz Ahmed Gujjar, Rukhma Aijaz  

17.  A pilot investigation into the definition of cultural competence of dental health professionals in a Trinidad context

William A. J. Smith and  Lynn G. Beck


18.  Reasons for Demand and Dropping out of Vocational High Schools from the Perspective of School Administrations

Selda Polat  


19.  Influence of Leadership Capabilities on Performance of Road Transport Service in Nairobi, Kenya

Alex Vundi Kakungi, Judith Njue, Dennis Juma Okello  


20. The Structural Relationship of Reading Attitude, Reading Comprehension and Academic Achievement

 Muhammet Bastug  


21.  Self-Concept and Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Chemistry

Oluwatosin, Sehinde Akin and 2Bamidele, Emmanuel Folorunso  


22. Involvement in Change and Commitment to Change: A Study at Public Schools

Mustafa Toprak and M. Semih Summak 


23.  Investigating the Role of Identity Styles in Predicting Responsibility and Academic Self-regulation of Third Grade Male High School Stud

Hossein Jenaabadi and Abbasali Dehbashi


24. Assessing the Readiness of Civil Registration Bureau of South Khorasan Province to Exploit the Experiences of National Smart ID card Establishment throughout the World

Hossein Moradi and Hossein Kardan Moghaddam