Special Issue

Special Issue on "Exploring Frontiers: The Use of Social Media in Education"

This special issue delves into the intersection between sociology and education, focusing on the transformative impact of social media on educational processes and dynamics.

Guest Editor: Daniele Battista

This Call for Papers, inherently hybrid in nature, actively seeks the participation of scholars,academics, and professionals to contribute their research and reflections on the use of social media in the educational context. The essence of this call is focused on exploring the multiple dimensions that characterize the intersection between sociology and education, with particular attention to enhancing the liminal zones that intersect diverse disciplines and specialized knowledge. The intrinsic complexity of online social dynamics in the educational environment is the primary object of investigation. We are interested in highlighting and analyzing the facets emerging from this convergence, embracing interdisciplinary approaches that transcend the conventional boundaries of disciplines.


  • Analysis of Socio-Educational Impact: Investigate the implications of the use of social media on educational processes at all levels, from primary education to university.
  • Online Community Dynamics: Delve into the dynamics underlying the formation of online learning communities and their impact in the educational environment.
  • Sociological Perspectives: Explore the sociological challenges and opportunities generated by the widespread use of social media in the field of education.
  • Identity Construction: Deepen the understanding of the role played by social media in the construction and management of the identity of educational actors, both students and teachers.
  • Ethical Implications: Critically examine the ethical challenges inherent in the widespread adoption of social media in the educational environment.
Submission Guidelines: Interested authors are invited to submit their articles for consideration by the scientific committee. Submissions should be sent to editor.ijsse@gmail.com and in cc to: dbattista@unisa.it.
For detailed submission guidelines, please click here.
We look forward to your contributions and to exploring the diverse dimensions of social media's role in education.